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So you or someone you love has been accused of a crime, and duly convicted in a court of law. Yet you insist you or that person is innocent of all charges, and claim you or that person has been wrongly convicted. Right?

Few if anyone will believe you. They likely assume all felons claim innocence to avoid responsibility for their actions (they actually don't). They don't know you or your loved one, or the specifics of this case. They likely don't realize how common wrongful convictions actually are, and how few are ever exonerated.

Any appeals you've attempted have gained you littleInnocence projects might help you, but they're kept busy serving others. "If you're so innocent," others insist, "why aren't you exonerated yet?" Oh, how little do they know.

You try to get on with your life. If not stuck in prison, you're stuck with a second-class citizenship status. Your earning potential is steeply compromised. You can't afford legal services to demonstrate your innocence. 


Your options remain few. Until now. 


Welcome to Value Relating's Innocence Claim Support.

Evidence-Based Innocence Claim

Estimated Innocence Score

Innocence Claim Support

Our terms of use

To serve you, we need to ask you some personal questions. Knowing these details helps optimize our services to best fit your specific situation and needs. 

Alternatives to adversariality

1.Check how much compensation you’re eligible for.

2.Post your viable innocence claim online.

3.Automatically calculates degree of viability, compared to other exoneree cases. 

4.Use pseudonym and avatar for public view.

5.Upload image & name for signed supporters to see.

6.Invite supporters to view & verify your claim.

7.Request our professional support for your claim.

Notifications sent to those impacted by the wrongful conviction, citing the estimated certainty of your innocence claim.

  • Employers who will not hire you because of an errant background check.

  • Landlords denying you housing due to an errant background check.

  • Consumer reporting agencies passing along the errant background information.

  • Bill collectors you cannot afford to pay because of damage to your earning potential.

  • Friends and family members impacted by the wrongful conviction.













Justice Scale

Contacting employers


Meijer - defer to legal dept 

Walmart - uses Hire Right to prescreen

UPS - inflexible exclusion 

Kellogg's - defer to NationSearch data 

Menard's - open do discussing policy change 

Culver's - no longer hiring 

U-haul - defer to IntelliCorp 

Contacting consumer reporting agencies

NationSearch - no reply yet

Hire Right - liked IDA

IntelliCorp - no opinion on IDA

Contacting state reps

Jon Hoadley, referred IDA to committee 

Contacting friendly media

Prison Legal News, press release sent

Contacting mainstream

none scheduled yet

Contacting court

none scheduled yet






overall impact

Since starting this service, Steph has expressed significant improvement in all wellness levels.

Wellness progress scores 

Adversarial "Justice"

old   Adversarial Exoneration

Treats individual’s complaint as something the individual is to change within oneself.

old   Adversarial Restoration

Typically view problems as something to be personally managed. If suffering from an overbearing boss, psychotherapy helps you adjust. Tries to improve the individual without improving their situation.

old   Adversarial Redemption

Understands problems primarily as internal matters apart from external contexts. When complaining about the external part of your pressing problem, you are likely told to take responsibility for your choices and actions. 

TransJudicial Alternatives

new Conciliatory Exoneration

Problems that persist tend to stem from unresolved needs where access to resources to resolve such needs remain out of one's personal control.

new Conciliatory Restoration

View problems as persistently unresolved needs, where access to resources to resolve such needs remain out of one's personal control. Treats relationship to improve access to resources to resolve these needs.

new Conciliatory Redemption

Treats context of power differentials behind personal problems, as part of larger systemic approach for shared improving. Measurably decreases depression and anxiety as context improves to resolve underlying needs.


Speaking Your Truth of Impacted Needs to Power

ASSESSMENTS identifying your impacted needs

Assessed EMPLOYER's hiring policy, sent for feedback, has yet to reply

Assessed CRA's dispute policy, sent for feedback, has yet to reply

AUDITS expressing your impacted needs

Audited EMPLOYER's hiring process, 

AVOWALS addressing your impacted needs

​None yet

justifism quiz blank slide.png

Professional help to review viable claims of innocence

  1. fail to keep up with numerous requests to review claims, 

  2. tends to replicate some systemic errors, because such help

  3. sadly relies on the adversarial justice process.



Value Relating

  1. provides a calculated estimate of likely factual innocence based on your information, 

  2. helps you build internal and external supports to confront this injustice, 

  3. supports you

 Supreme Court
Informed Decisions Act draft bill.png

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Power of Attorney
 Scales of Justice

Adversarial justice offers a

lower standard of justice...



Transjudicial service offers a

higher standard of justice...




There’s more to justice

than faulting misdeeds.

There can be no justice

without resolving needs.

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It’s now easier for the accused to admit their human imperfections than for law enforcement and prosecutors to admit theirs.

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solving problems by resolving needs
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