Is your client is trying to tell you something?


Download the free interactive Excel spreadsheet to understand politics like never before. Know why you and your client lean politically as you do. Understand both sides equally. Replace debating with relating. Replace any risk for countertransference with this harmonizing understanding of your client's views. 

Check out the sample. Then download the form today. Enter your client's political outlook, then yours. Pick an issue, then scroll down to read the changed text.


Contact me here for free support to optimize this pioneering tool. You will find I am neither liberal nor conservative, as I exist outside the political binary. I look forward to stretching beyond political differences, with a new therapy that empowers your clients to speak truth to political power. Together, we can enable your client to change political situations, instead of always changing themselves.

Build rapport with clients of clashing political views.

Currently requires MS Excel to utilize.


After you download it, be sure to click on Enable Editing so you can use this tool. It is completely safe.

Download this FREE spreadsheet tool to understand the needs behind your client's guarded political views.

Whether your client leans left or right, connect deeper through these 12 hot button issues.

Connect with your client through their politicized needs.