Call and Response

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The powerless one in a power relation

  • VRC-AI-C

The powerholder in a power relation


Request provider investment discount

LOI acknowledgment

Conciliatory option terms to waive adversarial options

Response continuum

Assess legitimacy; exaction costs

Legitimacy assessment; extortion concern

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Need-response project

If pursuing or following our psychosociotherapeutic process, you help us all create necessary structural change. Each time you resolve your stubborn needs, you help us all resolve our stubborn problems

Unlike psychotherapy or arbitration, Value Relating's need-response invests in you to invest in others similarly situated. These are called need-response projects

The more information I get from you at the start, the better I can fit our psychosociotherapeutic process to serve you. By answering these items, I can get a baseline to compare later.


After benefiting from the process and answering these same items, we test another relational knowing hypothesis: The more empowered to speak truth to power, the less anxiety or depression suffered


Check in later

If you opt for our structured "psychosociotherapeutic" route, I may have you speak your truth to power to me. When starting, you either had to accept our terms of service or not receive our service. With our unique process, I give you another spreadsheet tool for you to negotiate the terms of our working agreement.

You gain valuable experience speaking truth to power when you keep my social power in check. 

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Ask for investment discount

Reply to investment opportunity

Invite others to invest: compete to resolve need

Compete to invest: need resolve priority

Value accountability of conciliatory path

ROI potential from conciliatory options

To what degree, if any, would you characterize your current level of anxiety when thinking about confronting those in authority over your situation?

To what degree, if any, would you characterize your current level of depression when thinking about confronting those in authority over your situation?


Progress report

Rate progress

Inspiring purpose


Send Liberty Avowal

Re Liberty Avowal

Click here, go to lightbox stating acceptance of our psychosociotherapeutic process accepts our responsive terms, then if agreeing to either abide these terms or raise timely objections, then click Yes to go to webpage with payment process. Payment autoreply provides more valuable info.


BRIDGE: AI reimburses RI

SHAKE: AI covers RI cost ahead of time, or pays fully for group Advocacy sessions.


VR mediates: suggested, recommended, required.

If you wonder what wonderful thing could be next, ask about starting or joining a responsive. Learn more by clicking here.

solving problems by resolving needs
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