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Anankelogy and You

your study of need 

Engaging the originator of anankelogy


Thank you for your interest in anankelogy, the study of need.


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Here is where you can ask Steph Turner, the originator or anankelogy, any question or concern you have about this new field. Perhaps you found some spelling or grammatical errors, or wording that sounded too confusing. Or repoert a problem with the website. Perhaps you have some concern about exploitation of indigenous cultural wisdom. Perhaps you seek to interview me, or need me to speak to your group personally about this new way of understanding our many needs. Please use the Contact form below to connect with me.


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Pronunciation guide

anankelogy [n.] (ä'-nä-kĕ'-lŏ-jē): the study of need, specifically here the human experience of need.

anankelogical [adj.] (ä'-nä-kĕ-lŏ'-jĭ'-kâl): of, relating to, or characteristic of anankelogy; referring to the role of need in another subject.

anankelogist [n.] (ä'-nä-kĕ'-lŏ-jĭst): one who studies the role of need in observable phenomenon.

anankelogically [adv.] (ä'-nä-kĕ-lŏ'-jĭ-kâ-lē'): referring to the role of need on some action. E.g., Political views tend to be less rationally deduced and more anankelogically produced. 

anakelogic [adj.] (ä'-nä-kĕ-lŏ'-jĭk): same as anankelogical.


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