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Free speech

Proper speech

Deplatform hate speech

No more political correctness

Granted, available positions on this issue tend to be more complex than this. The positions provided here offer a provisional starting point, to spur your appreciation for our diversity of needs.

Spread unifying love in 3 steps

1. Be loved


View introductory video above, if you haven’t already. Then view these videos below specific to this issue. Text is provided below each one. Get to the heart of your politicized needs.


Receive our affirmation for your specific needs.  Set yourself apart from political generalizing meant for someone else. Be affirmed for who you specifically are.

2. Give love


Look at another’s political views from their unique situation. Affirm their needs, as we affirm yours.


In other words, internalize this transcendent message of love here. Live it and let it spread.

3. Spread love


Share the memes below in various social media. Help inspire others to break free from the hate.


Use the “Share the love of Unifying Politics” Facebook button to help broadcast this vision.


Be part of a grassroots movement that replaces the hate of polarization with messages of love.


Be Loved

Are you shouting to the choir, past each other?

Are you seeking only relief?

Are you mired in polarizing hate?

What is current your stance on



Have you lost any friends or family connections over your expressed views on it?

Do you hesitate to bring it up, or anything political, to avoid sparking a bitter feud?

Or are you ready to step beyond this bitter divide?

Are you ready to resolve needs?

Are you ready for unifying love?

Appreciate how your differing situations shape your psychosocial needs, which in turn shape our political outlook.

Appreciate your differing needs

Appreciate your differing needs

Your situation prioritizes your psychosocial needs. Your social situation drives your liberal perspective. You experience one need over another.

collective protection over self-expression

The need to collectively protect vulnerable population takes precedence over free self-expression of advantaged individuals. You hear far too many unrecognized slights that further holds back the disadvantaged from their full potential. You call for responsible speech, devoid of any hostility to minorities.

Censoring unintentional slights strikes the other side as odd. How are they to respect you or other less advantaged populations if they’re not free to exchange ideas to learn from each other? They rely on personally knowing what individuals of all stripes particularly need, and not simply limit speech that might be offensive to a class of people.

So your defensiveness rises. Callout cultures goes on steroids. Slogans fly. Exaggerations clouds understanding. Empathy grinds to a halt. Polarization sets in.

CONTESTED TERM: “microaggression” weaponized to pounce on accidental slights is itself a microaggression.

Instead of denouncing the other side’s self-expression as hate speech, look at their social situation. They’re not as engaged with minority interests as you. A free exchange of ideas, without retribution for every slight, is how they typically expect to respect you better.

Your situation prioritizes your psychosocial needs. Your social situation drives your conservative perspective. You experience one need over another.

self-expression over collective protection

The need for self-expression to freely express thoughts matters more than protecting the easily offended ears of others. You insist getting your ideas heard, and invite others to say when it’s crossed any kind of line. You can’t accept being silenced by claims of hate speech that doesn’t personally engage you.

Opening the door to being offensive strikes the other side as odd. Until you get to know a marginalized population, you’re likely to trigger their past trauma in ways you never realize. They can’t always tell you what’s offensive, and why should they? Your free speech could start by asking them what they’re sensitive to, to respect their vulnerabilities.

Otherwise, defensiveness rises. Meaningful conversation shuts down. Interactions remain shallow. Exaggeration spreads. Empathy grinds to a halt. Polarization sets in.

CONTESTED TERM: “politically correct” diminishes their attempts to set standards for respectful interactions.

Instead of denouncing the other side as against free speech, look at their social situation. You can’t feel the depths of the trauma they relive with each accidental slight. They’ll honor your free speech when you use it to ask how you can better respect their vulnerabilities.


Give Love

Does your politics let you "love thy enemies"? Do you persuade with love?

Spread your love

Spread your love

Listen. Respond with compassion.


Hold back your anger. Don’t react.

Encourage each other to reciprocate this love. Since you both need to be understood. Together, you both can now…

Listen. Respond with compassion.


Hold back your anger. Don’t react.

Encourage each other to reciprocate this love. Since you both need to be understood. Together, you both can now…

spread the love

Spread Love



Ready to help overcome political polarization?

Ready to help spread some love?


Here is your opportunity to affirm each other’s inflexible needs behind their political views.


No upfront arguing. Simply give each other needed space to express their politicized needs.


You don’t give your position on the issue. Not yet. You simply share how you appreciate both sides must express a politically sensitive need.


If you could do something about polarized politics, here’s your chance.

  1. Copy one of these images below. Right-click on the image of your choice, and select Copy Image.

  2. Go to one of your social media accounts. Paste the image there.

  3. Copy the URL link to this page, in your browser’s address bar above.

  4. Paste that along with the image in your social media.

  5. Personalize it. In your own words, share what this unifier message means to you.


You can also use the Tweet button above left. And the Facebook button above right: "Share the love of Unifying Politics." 

That’s it. Inspire others to step beyond the political divide, to respect each other’s underlying needs.


By respecting their needs, you demonstrate how they are to respect your needs. One responsible act of loving understanding at a time.


No arguing. No debating. No fighting.


You simply spread some love. And encourage any responses to come back to this page. To be loved, as you are loved, for who you are, needs and all.


Rinse and repeat.

Challenge any polarizing hate with unifying love


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Defusing Polarization: Moving Beyond Divisive Politics 


The 21-minute introductory video above only skims the surface behind this fresh understanding of politics. Delve deeper into understanding how your needs shape your political views by taking this 3-hour eCourse.

Seven sections of three segments each unpacks political orientation like no other. Each section gets summed up in a recap. An optional quiz follows to check your learning progress.

The course goes into deeper detail for these three main points, available only from Value Relating:

  1. Politics is the art of generalizing how to agreeably address needs in differing social situations. Political conflict swirls around generalizations argued mostly for relief, setting the stage for political polarization.

  2. Your political orientation is the outward expression of your inward psychosocial orientation. Any tension between your self-needs and social-needs creates the lens through which you see all things political.

  3. Political polarization can be turned back with love. Replacing outmoded concept of rational choice voting, you learn to respect the inflexible needs stuck behind our political views.

You also learn why the far-left and far-right differ from their more mainstream counterparts. You discover why politics can make us so emotional. You explore how we experience our needs in politicized ways. And much more. Enroll now to get a steep discount on the full price of $179.99. 

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for a limited time

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