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Steph Turner

Asexual transperson sentenced for life on sex offender registry

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89% strong claim

compared to those exonerated under similar circumstances.

Asexual person comes out as transgender in early 90s, gets falsely accused as being a “sexual predator” homophobic stereotype. Convicted without evidence. Must register as sex offender for life. Forced into poverty and homelessness.


sex abuse hysteria 
Michigan 1993

After exhausting all appeals and repeatedly denied review by under-resourced innocence projects, Steph now pursues the alternative of deeper justice. Instead of trusting the adversarial process to admit and correct its many errors, Steph takes charge with a higher standard of justice for resolving needs and removing pain. Join us.



Together, let's replace adversarial judicial options with a better alternative.


Be patient for the legal remedies to work their way through the judicial process.


Since the legal-judicial process is incentivized to drag its feet, we shall incentivize it to pick up the pace. We shall identify factual innocence more quickly. Then help them find the resources to keep pace with us. Or leave them in the dust.


Let the system work as the only legitimate authority for keeping the public safe.


The legitimacy of authority must be earned. We shall critique their level of legitimacy by how responsive they are to the justice and safety needs of us all. The rush to convict and resist scrutiny threatens our safety in many ways.


Petition the courts if you find a legal basis to challenge your conviction of guilt.


We cannot defer our good judgment to legal or judicial elites who divide us with their adversarial system. We shall pronounce to the world whatever degree of factual innocence we find. Then affirm legitimacy only to authorities affirming reality.

Steph now utilizes the Estimated Innocence Form to address underserved justice needs.

You are invited to support Steph's compelling innocence claim while reinventing justice. You have three options. Since each option allows you access to Steph's sensitive information, you will be asked to register or log in.

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You may be periodically asked to donate to this cause.

Option 1: FOLLOW

Learn more about Steph's wrongful conviction. Receive regular updates on how this new strategy is going.

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Starting $5 per week

Attract supporters who share your costs of speaking truth to power.

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Option 2: INVEST

Actively support Steph's deeper justice for innocence with a weekly amount. Earn ROI if and when sponsors join. Have a voice on how things go.


Option 3: SPONSOR

Serve as a major backer to this pioneering strategy for addressing justice needs. Have a greater impact. Have a vote on how this goes. Earn greater legitimacy.

Starts $400/month

Includes option to start FREE, if willing to donate when asked

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Once you log in or register for an account, check each page for an option that best fits your needs. You can always upgrade later. Use this to glance at the options again. Then join what is set to be an amazing way to create much needed justice.

"What if there aren't enough supporters to cover the basic cost?"

Value Relating may accept less than the charged amount in exchange for a larger percentage of the ROI. Contact us to learn more about this affordability option. After all, you should not be denied this critical service because a wrongful conviction limits your economic clout. And it's ethically questionable to charge the wrongly convicted or their supporters to cover the costs created by the harmful errors of the judiciary.

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I've read Steph's story and I must say how shocked I am. But not surprised by the LGBT+ prejudice back then.


Church Woman

I know Steph personally and can attest they are demisexual, so incapable of sexually touching some stranger.


Senior Portrait

I cried for over a week after the conviction. But now I'm inspired by Steph's strong character enduring it all.


Trendy Young Man

When I learned Steph was trans, I wondered if the stereotypes are true. Then I realized stereo-types fueled such accusations.

Deeper justice is a form of need-response, which applies the new social science of anankelogy, the disciplined study of need.

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