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See how all pain and problems stem from unresolved needs.

The better you understand your needs


the easier to solve problems

and remove your pain.

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Pronunciation guide

anankelogy [n.] (ä'-nä-kĕ'-lŏ-jē): the study of need, specifically here the human experience of need.

anankelogical [adj.] (ä'-nä-kĕ-lŏ'-jĭ'-kâl): of, relating to, or characteristic of anankelogy; referring to the role of need in another subject.

anankelogist [n.] (ä'-nä-kĕ'-lŏ-jĭst): one who studies the role of need in observable phenomenon.

anankelogically [adv.] (ä'-nä-kĕ-lŏ'-jĭ-kâ-lē'): referring to the role of need on some action. E.g., Political views tend to be less rationally deduced and more anankelogically produced. 

anakelogic [adj.] (ä'-nä-kĕ-lŏ'-jĭk): same as anankelogical.

As a unique kind of book,You NEED This features

  • nearly 100 illustrative diagrams and charts, and

  • text outlined to easily navigate the content.

It will be available as an ebook and paperback.


Why this book?

Because we need a whole new way to understand and

address our overlooked specific needs.


Each chapter introduces you to a new way to relate to your own needs, and to the needs of others.


Need creation

Needs exist as objective facts.

Your needs exist as a series

of naturally intersecting cycles.

chapter highlights


Need conveyance

Emotions only exist to convey your needs.

Your subjective emotions express

your objective needs.


Need experience

Your outward political views report your inward tension between psychosocial needs.

Your political views express

your objective priority of needs.


Need easement

The less your needs resolve,

the more pain you will be in.

Your unresolved needs can leave

you in a zone of mounting pain.



The less your needs can resolve,

the less you can function in life.

Your need to fully function

is the basis for all your other needs.



The less your needs resolve,

the more biased your thinking.

Your needs drive what you find

important to know in life.

how you an help
power relations

Anankelogy series

This is the first of a series of books on anakelogy. Steph has already written the next two and anticipates publishing them later in 2022.

  1. You NEED This: Introducing Anankelogy, the Study of Need.

  2. We NEED This: Introducing Anankelogical Principles and Wisdom. 

  3. We NEED You: Introducing Anankelogical Defunctions and Refunctions.

About the author, Steph Turner

"I used to publicly present as transgender. But rarely anymore. I transcend more than gender. Let me be upfront with you. I consider myself a 'transspirit' who is spiritually compelled to transcend cultural divisions that prevent us from fully resolving needs. I am compelled to connect deeply with the inner spirit of being, which leaves me outside of what most regard as morally normal. Consequently, I have been an outcast my whole life. This includes being falsely accused and wrongly convicted of a terrible sex crime that never occurred, despite being demisexual & trans. The new Michigan Conviction Integity Unit is currently reviewing my compelling case of actual innocence. My next book dives deeper into this story of how I endured such injustice. The more challenged I am, the more a gift of wisdom flows through me to address how we experience our needs. This book is a gift to you through me from a Source beyond easy comprehension. May this new way of seeing life help you as it has uplifted me. May you find more love in life!"

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Welcome to the study of need,

to better understand each other.

Let's learn and love together.

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